RankerX Review – Best Tier 1 Link Builder?

Am I still using RankerX in 2018? You bet, and after creating thousands of projects for the past 3 years, it is still my number 1 tool for automated Tier 1 links.

Official site: RankerX.com (Use Coupon Code BHW25 to get 25% off)

3 Years and over 9,000 Campains?

That’s exactly what I thought when I accidentally stumbled upon GSA forum thread about it not too long ago. At first glance it just looked like another FCS Networker or RankWyz alternative, but something about it sparked my interest enough to give the 7 day trial. I’m not sure if it was the clean interface, wide range of platforms (including Web 2.0s), or my need to find a better Tier 1 builder.

First Impression: Blown Away?

First of all, Ranker X works a bit different than most SEO software out there. In a way it a crossover between programs like SeNuke, Magic Submitter, Ultimate Demon and web based submission sites like FCS Networker and RankWyz.

What do you mean by that? Simply saying  once you install it on  your computer, VPS or dedicated server, you can then access it from a browser on any device you want. The same way you would access FCS Networker, RankWyz or even other services and sites like Facebook.

So no more bulky interface, having to access your VPS or sever every time you want to add or change a project.  Let me tell you, that is freaking awesome.

The Performance: Testing The Beast

Now that we know it looks all nice and pretty, let’s take a look under the hood. So what does it offer?

At the moment of me writing this review it offers automatic registration, management and posting to 57 Premium web 2.0 blogs, profiles and bookmarking  sites like WordPress, Tumblr, Jimdo, Jigsy, Diigo and plenty more (click here for a complete list) along with over 600 other sites on platforms liek articles directories, bookmarking sites, wiki, forum profile, web profiles and plenty of social network like Drupal, Buddypress, PHPFox, Jcow, Dophin and more. In addition to that you can add more sites in the platofirms it operates. So technically this can easy build two or 3 tiers for you.

However, with all that said the premium sites that need constant updating that only a handful services offer posting to are definitely the star feature. The RankerX can easily create accounts and post artciles with backlinks on 50 to 55 (with a 85-95% success rate)  premium sites in about 5 minutes is nothing to sneeze about. It is a powerfull piece of software that can run on 64 bit system at 100 threads easily.  Of course it also featured a scheduler as well as a wizard for simple campaign creation that you can drip feed fir up to 30 days.

Creating A Campaign

Creating a campaign or project with Ranker X is pretty straight forward if you’re using either Wizard or Turbo Wizard. I personally prefer Wizard as you have more control and get build a cool diagram like back in older SEO software.


As you can see I’ve build a simple 1 Tier diagram that will consists of premium social networks, premium bookmarks, PDF sites and press releases.  Once you start building more complex diagrams, or find the secret sauce to rank, like my RankerX bonus, you can easily save them and use for other projects.

Here is the complete overview of the steps:

  1. Project Linking – This is where you build/load the diagram
  2. Basic Info – Add URLs (money sites) and keywords. All is based on %
  3. Email – Eitehr enter your email or use a precreated one (20 per day)
  4. User Profile – Type in info or use auto-generated content
  5. Content – Use third party services like Article Builder or Kontent machine tocreate content or simply upload your articles.
  6. Site  Tier 1 – Select sites you want to use for t1 (one click premium works)
  7. Site Tier 2 – secy sites for t2 or leave blank if not used
  8. Scheduling – Select when you want to start posting and for how many days
  9. Confirm and Create – save it and create your campaign

After you’re done the campaign will be automatically created and scheduled to your linking. However, you can always change anything in the campaigns options.

So Why Ranker X?

For the past two years I’ve been trying to find a software or service that creates and posts on high quality and authoritative websites. The problem software like GSA, Senuke, Magic Submitter and everything else on the marker have a really low success rate on premium sites. On the other hand third-party services like FCS Networker and SiteWyz  have better success rate but mostly do only posts and are really slow and/or buggy.

For example I was unable to use RankWyz for more than 3 months because of all the bugs and lack of good account creator. FCS Networker worked much better for me and I still have over 5k web 2.0s on it but their account creator is overused and you end up with less then 50% of the accounts you need.

On the other hand RankerX solves all of the problems. For one you don’t have monthly posting limits. No need to buy accounts as the accounts creator build in creates accounts with up to 100 threads. It is fast, responsive and so far I haven’t found any bugs despite it being a new soft.

With that said, RankerX also has some downsides. When running at full power it can use up to 3gb of memory according to my tests. Which a buit of memoery hog but you can still run it on most computer these days or a decent VPS with no problem. If you lower the threads even 1GB VPS should be enough.

You also will need proxies, I recommend at least 10 semi or dedicated ones to start with.  Even with just 10 proxies you can create up to 500 premium sites (if you use 1 IP per account) or 6k everything per day.  Or 15k premium sites and 180k all.

At this moment it costs $39.99 but you can lower the price to $29.99 when you use my discount code.

How Does That Compare To Competition?

I don’t even see a point comparing it to SeNuke and Magic Submitter as both of these start at above $60 per month, lack significant support to premium sites,  and you still need a computer and proxies to run it.

How about RankWyz and FCS Networker?

These fair off a bit better considering that you don’t need your own proxies or computer/VPS to run them. The easy  interface is similar to RankerX and both support plenty of premium sites. I personally prefer FCS Networker to RankWyz as it is cheaper, easier to use and in my opinion more powerful.

For example 15,000 submission per month costs $49.00 per month on FCS Networker and $74.99 (56.24 if billed for the whole year) on RankWyz.  And that is the lowest plan you can get for RankWyz.

FCS Networker on the other hand has a smallest plan at $19 with 3,000 submission. Which is a great starting point and you can read my full FCS Networker review to learn more, but you are serious about using it to rank you need at least 15,000 account, especially if it for ranking videos.

That is why RankerX is the best and to be honest cheapest option (29.99 + $15 VPS and $10 Proxies =  $55.99 for anyone that is serious about building quality tier 1 and even tier 2 without limits. That is why this is without a doubt Ranker X is the best to Senuke, Magic Submitter, Rankwyz or FCS Networker alternative on the market.

Not sure about it? Grab a 7 day free trial (or 25% off with BHW25) and find out for yourself

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Easy Blog Networks Review – Push-button Hosting and PBN Giveaway?

Is the Easy Blog Networks, a simple point and click blog network host, is really the best thing that happened to PBNs? Find out in the review below

Official Site:easyblognetworks.com (Click the site to get 7 day free trial)

Update for July 2017 : It’s been almost two eyar since I’ve been using East Blog Networks and aside from hiccup or two it has been rock solid. In fact, I upgraded several times and now 95% of my PBNs are hosted with them.

Easy Blog Networks Pricing and Best Bonus Ever?

There are actually 9 pricing plans for EBN and I’ll talk about them in details but with the image below I wanted to highlight the low-end, middway and high-end plans.

easy blog network pricing

The only real difference between the plans is how many blogs/website or PBNs you would be able to host on different IPs. All of the packages ranging  from $35 for 10 blogs to $1699 for 1000 blogs include push button deployment (I talk about it later), autopilot maintenance, daily backups, and free blog import.

Which is great because even if you get the 10 blogs pricing plan you not missing any of the functionality offered for those 10 blogs. The only difference is amount of the blogs you can have.  Which makes it painless to upgrade from one package to another, which I have done a few times already.

My Easy Blog Networks Bonus For Each Each Plan

  • 10 Blogs: $35 plan at $3.50 per blog. Bonus 1 TF 10+ domain
  • 15 Blogs: $49 plan at $3.27 per blog. Bonus 2 TF 10+ domains
  • 25 Blogs: $69 plan at $2.76 per blog. Bonus 3 TF 10+ domains
  • 40 Blogs: $99 plan at $2.48 per blog. Bonus 5 TF 10+ domains
  • 70 Blogs: $149 plan at $2.13 per blog. Bonus 7 TF 10+ domains
  • 100 Blogs: $199 plan at $1.99 per blog. Bonus 10 TF 10+ domains
  • 150 Blogs: $279 plan at $1.86 per blog. Bonus 15 TF 10+ domains
  • 300 Blogs: $519 plan at $1.73 per blog. Bonus 30 TF 10+ domains
  • 500 Blogs: $859 plan at $1.72 per blog. Bonus 50 TF 10+ domains
  • 1000 Blogs: $1699 plan at $1.70 per blog. Bonus 100 TF 10+ domains

Now it is important to now that I’m giving out these bonuses and not Easy Blog Networks, so you must buy it from one of the links on this page (like the one under this) and leave a comment below.

So what are you waiting for? Click Here to get started now.

I (used to) Hate PBNs

pbn hostingIt is no secret that I was never a big fan of PBNs.  In fact, I avoided using them for most of my SEO career for two main reasons:

  1. Never “Really” needed them and in most case I could outrank people without using a single PBN
  2. PBNs required to much work and money to both buy and maintain.

I just hated the whole idea of spending countless hours auctions to buy on decent domains for $100, waiting to get it and hosting it on a overpriced hot to just to link to 1 or a couple of sites.

Then Everything Changed

googlepandapenguinOnce Google started playing around with their algorithms, slapping sites, and changing how they count links things started to change.  My methods still worked, but needed a serious overhoul and some of my sites started tanking compare to ones with PBNs

So around 2013 I decided to start incorporating blog network links to my sites.  Which became the biggest pain in the ass since manual commenting.  If you ever created or tried creating a PBN you know what I mean. So here’s my story:

  • First I started with SEO host, but that was way too expensive and once they started getting hit by Google I bolted.
  • Then I tried hosting on different small hosts for a $1 or $2.  Which wasn’t better as my sites got hacked, deleted and it was a pain to managed.
  • Finally I went for re seller account where I was able to place multiple domains on the same host with different IPs. However, getting unique IPs could take weeks and it just wasn’t safe in general.

So for the next two years I’ve tried finding an alternative while still doing most of my SEO the old way. So is easy blog networks it? Heck yeah!

Why Easy Blog Networks Is My Solutin?

easy blog networkLet’s get something out of the way. If you love playing around with hosts, or checking every day if your site has not been hacked or deleted than this is probably not for you.  This is strictly for people that want to safe both time and money while being safe with their PBNs.

This is especially true if you’re outsourcing the process. Save some money as it really take a minute to add a blog and here are the steps:

Srep 1: Add Your

add blog easy blong networksAs you can see above (at least slightly) after you click add new blog all you have some options:

  1. Input the domain of your PBN
  2. Choose the Blog Network to assign it too (if work in multiple niches)
  3. Give your blog a title that will appear on top
  4. Tag line that will appear below the title (can be left blank)
  5. Choose a theme or just select “random”
  6. Do you want to allow comments on the blog?
  7. Do you want to see link notification (pings/trackabacks)
  8. Choose if you want the Hello post deleted
  9. Add blank contact/privacy pages
  10. Remove footer links like info about the theme
  11. Choose which plugins you want to preinstall.

You might not need all of these, but some of them like having footer links removed and plugins installed automatically are real time savers. This is especially true as it is hard to manually remove footer links without screwing up the whole theme.

Step 2: Change Your Namesever


Once you complete the step one all you have top do is login into registrat where you purchased your domain for a the PBN and change the name severs (DNS) to the ones EasyBlogNetworks.com gives you and you’re done.

There is no need to look for for hosts, try to get IPs, adding sites to cPanel, installing wordpress, configuring, nothing. In fact, I was able to add and fully optimize20 domains in less than an hour.

On top of that each  of your PBNs will be hosted on a shared good neighborhood shared hosting on a unique IP. That means you’ll not be stuck with only SEO or poor quality sites like on SEO hosts or other cheap alternatives.

Add the fact that depending on your plan each PBN will cost about $2 to host with easy blog networks makes better alternative to $1-$3 hosting packages. So what are you waiting for?

Click Here To Try It Now For Free


Web 2.0 SEO – Cheapest Way To Rank

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to start ranking websites has always been using Web 2.0s or parasites likes some like to call them. However, does this strategy still work in 2015?

The funny thing is that aside from the time where you could literately create a web 2,0 link wheel and rank in no time, web 2.0 ranking are seeing its best days yet.

Say What?

With the rise of automated tools(which still work well if you know how to use them)  and Google getting smarter at figuring out the quality of links it takes less and less links to rank something than it took in years. That is why a quality web 2.0s can be as good as PBN (private blog network), and in some cases even better.

Now before you get your panties in a bunch let me stop you there. Just because  you listened to some self proclaimed SEO expert blabbing how PBNs are the best thing since sliced bread, it doesn’t mean shit in the real world.

Does this mean PBNs are bad? No, quite the opposite as a good PBN is still one of the most powerful tools in an seo’er (it’s a word!) toolbox. With that said, they are not without drawbacks, and I’m not only talking about the price. Google is gunning fer them and you can read more of what I think about PBNs here (when I write it)

Let’s get back to web 2.0

to be continiued… Explanations